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Postcards is Chap’s first foray into an electric guitar-led sound, earning her comparisons with PJ Harvey and Tegan & Sara.


“Part radio musical, part queer soundtrack, Sabrina Chap’s “Postcards from the Rearview Mirror” is a powerful examination of lust, obsession and the queer coming-of-age experience.”
                       - Ms. Magazine Feature

"– the perfect soundtrack to scream-sing along with on road trips and furiously dance to at full volume in your underwear.”       

                        - 3 Imaginary Girls

We are the parade

A ridiculous explosion of politics, horns and wit featuring over 25 musicians in a variety of styles.

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“Imagine, if you can, Judy Garland singing the songs of Tom Lehrer as arranged by Dr. John, and you will have an approximation – not perfect but close – of the Sabrina Chap experience.”
                        – American Songwriter 


“…channels the raw energy of ragtime and an old-school musical, with lyrics that evoke a contemporary Cole Porter or Tom Lehrer.’
                        – The Advocate


“Listen to [We Are the Parade]: When you need a motivational soundtrack to get active; personally, publicly, or politically.”
                         – Tom Tom Magazine

We Are the Parae


A ragtime stompin’ good time, full of laughs, heartbreaks, and just plain good songwriting.


“bouncing rhythms, complex instrumentation, and intelligent lyrics covering everything from heartache to performing

                                - Bitch Magazine

“This album deserves more attention than it’s getting, and Chap deserves to be a star.”
                            - Curve Magazine

“Sabrina Chap is guarantee-ably vaudevillian chic and undeniably impressive.

                             - Go Magazine



Concert recording of Sabrina Chap's solo set, live at Davenport's (Chicago). 

Davenport's pic by Stephen.jpg

New Yorker

“[Chap] is more like a stand-up comic who also happens to be a tremendously talented musician. In her stage show, she draws you in, disarms you with humour, and then makes you sit up and listen to what she has to say. The end result is intoxicating.”
- Polari Magazine (UK)

“Envision an intimate smokey cabaret...In this mystical environment, she takes you on a journey of life’s joys, sorrows, and confusion while riding the slightly out-of-tune piano.”
-Keith Nelson Co-founder – Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

Sabrina Chap -Live
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