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'Chap deserves to be a star!

- Curve Magazine

photo by Kristopher Johnson

Oompa! Leaning - HI RES - DAVE SANDERS.j

Songwriter | Composer | Performer

SABRINA CHAP's got classical piano skills, the ballad lyrics of Tom Waits, the onstage antics of Phyllis Diller, and the voice of a whiskey angel. Described as ‘Rousing!’ by the New Yorker, her sets are a ragtime stompin’ good time, full of laughs, heartbreaks, and just plain good songwriting.

photo by Dave Sanders

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'Part radio musical, part queer soundtrack, Sabrina Chap’s “Postcards from the Rearview Mirror” is a powerful examination of lust, obsession and the queer coming-of-age experience.' 

                                        - Ms. Magazine

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‘Like a chanteuse at an orgy, Sabrina Chap is the fallen woman of cabaret….’

                          – Broadway Baby

Video by Orlando Myxx


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